KFC – The Bitcoin Bucket 

Allow customers to purchase KFC chicken products online with Bitcoin and incorporate a real-time Bitcoin value tracker.

Objective : Goal of the campaign was to increase eCommerce conversions and increase awareness  of the brand’s online purchase capabilities.

Budget :  $15,000

Channel used : Social media, Website.

Outcome : KFC was able to generate 6.6 Billion impressions and increase YUM! Foods stock price. The website featured a live graphic giving exact value conversion for the KFC Bucket in Bitcoin and paid social media executions to complement the offering. This resulted in a downpour of earned media from the other companies and online users alike.

CADBURY Age UK – Donate your Words 

Objective : Cadbury and Age UK joined forces in September to take up the fight against loneliness in later life.     

Data : The campaign was devised in response to Age UK statistics, which found that 1.4 million older people say they struggle with loneliness and 225,000 often go a whole week without speaking to anyone.

Channel used : Social media.

Budget: Cadbury’s then turned the packaging of its Dairy Milk bar blank, donating 30p from every pack sold to Age UK. To support the on-pack campaign.

Outcome  : Awareness of Cadbury’s adverts also increased by 11% among over-65s. YouGov found a boost in awareness for both Cadbury and Age UK. Consumers not only noticed and discussed the advert, but their likelihood of purchasing Cadbury products increased by 4.6 points. 

Life Without Netflix Campaign – NETFLIX

 About : Netflix is the world’s most popular on-demand media streaming platform.

Objective : It had to tap into one of the world’s biggest markets – India!

Execution: They needed to be clever in order to strike the cord with the Indian audience. As expected, they took a desi route and created something extraordinary. They released a few short videos featuring stand-up comedian, Abish Mathew from All India Bakchod, a recognized face among the youngsters and the youth in India. Throughout the campaign, they subtly highlighted the advantages of Netflix over traditional TV watching with their wide choice of shows and films to choose from.

Channel used : Facebook and Twitter.

Outcome : The hashtag #LifeWithoutNetflix and #TheNetflixLife generated a lot of buzz on Facebook and Twitter. The campaign was well executed and achieved a lot of traction and response on social media.


Alexa Loses Her Voice Campaign – AMAZON

About : Alexa is amazon’s most iconic creation yet. It is a artificial intelligence assistant, helping one in their everyday lives.

Objective : This was a super bowl ad commercial and it had to create an impact during that window.

 Execution : Bringing in notable celebrities to replace Alexa’s voice was a brilliant move. It sends out a deeper message as to how embedded technology is in our lives today.

Outcome : The commercial has nearly 30 million views on YouTube since it was published the week before the game, and it topped USA Today’s Ad Meter as audience’s favourite commercial.

DORITOS – no name and logo campaign.

As part of the campaign, Doritos is removing its logo and brand mentions, including all previous content, from its social channels. In its place will be new content crowdsourced from fans sharing what “Another Level” means to them. The name Doritos is replaced by “LogoGoesHere.”