In the previous blogs, we looked into seo basics and on-page factors.

In this blog we completely dicuss the factors that involved in off-page optimization.

lets start!!

Optimization Factors :

Digital PR

Identification of suitable website or blog. Approach them through email and request them to include link in their blog, but decision totally depends upon the admin whether to accept it or not. Their acceptance includes various factors such as website quality, suitable content and many more. Also Prepare the story of company and publish that in different social media platforms and newspapers, So that people could acknowledge our brand or product.

Guest Blogging

Develop a content and search for suitable website/Blogs. Blogs has been researched should have high traffic and excellent website quality. Make a list of it and try to contact the admin through email. Convey your message and intention of choosing their blog and embed your content in the mail. if admin like your content and they think your content might add value to their existing blogs. they will add content along with the your website url. Sometimes money also plays crucial role in adding the content. Doing this things will help the website in driving traffic.


An info-graphics (information graphic) is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make the data easily understandable at a glance.

  • Create and distribute the info-graphics
  • Develop the info-graphics related to your company and post it in all channels

Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a question and answer social media platform. It is so popular that now a days people are much dependent on it for suggestions instead of person to person interaction. we get answers to any question in minute irrespective of the topic. This has become wonderful opportunity for digital marketers. Suppose one posted a question “what are skills needed to become digital marketer”. being digital marketing institute owner can answer the required skills needed and mention your website link in answer. By this there is chance of visiting your website might join in future.In this way we can use quora for any product and company.

Commenting on blogs:-

Search articles similar your blog and comment on their blog. Prepare your comment with a link to your blog.

Social sharing

Be active on social media. Create your profile in sites like,, pinterest. Just keep on sharing.

Submit in niche directories:-

  • Identify niche directories
  • Create profile
  • Optimize profile with keywords
  • Check alexa, domain authority and page authority